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Communication Skills Videos: Henry

Learn more about communication skills you can use for even better office visits during your loved one's or friend's next doctor appointment. Watch Henry, whose wife was just diagnosed with ITP, demonstrate these skills in the videos below.

Listen and Learn Skills Videos

When the doctor does not explain the patient’s medical problem in a way you understand

When the doctor uses confusing medical terms

When the patient forgets or dose not feel comfortable asking the doctor questions

When you could not remember all the things the patient was supposed to do after leaving the medical visit

Educate Skills Videos

When the doctor does not have a good understanding of the patient as a person

When the doctor is not aware of what you know or think about the patient’s medical problem and symptoms

When the doctor misunderstood something the patient said

Assess Skills Videos

When the doctor does not consider difficulties the patient had following treatment recommendations

When the doctor does not focus on helping the patient identify workable ways to make changes in everyday habits

When it is not easy to ask for details or express doubts about the tests or treatments the doctor recommends

Partnering Skills Videos

When the doctor does not address the problems the patient most wanted to discuss

When the doctor does not discuss treatment risks, benefits, or alternatives with the patient

Support Skills Video

When the doctor does not effectively address the patient’s fears and concerns

Putting What You Learned Into Practice

Practice Worksheet

Now that you have watched your communication skills-building videos, use this worksheet to plan how you will use each skill during your next office visit.

Click Here For Your Practice Worksheet